First aid for grammar and vocabulary questions: Our Online Tutoring

As a participant in one of our group courses, you benefit from our free offer of weekly Live Online Tutoring with a speakeasy teacher!

About our Online Tutoring

What is Online Tutoring at speakeasy?

Outside of your booked course, you have the opportunity to ask a teacher your questions for free, e.g. if you didn't understand something in class or want to repeat something. You can also ask for help with your homework. If you have missed a lesson, you can find help catching up in our Online Tutoring sessions.

Where and when is the Online Tutoring available for me?

You have opportunities to access our online learning support through Zoom twice a week: every Tuesday and every Wednesday from 17:00-19:00 (CET) the virtual classroom is open for you.

First aid for german grammar & vocabulary: our online tutoring

How can I use the Online Tutoring?

After registering for a group course, you will receive an email with your course details and the link for the virtual classroom. During the Online Tutoring period, you can log in and may have to wait briefly in a waiting room for the teacher to let you in. This allows us to consider the order of questions and clarify one at a time.

We plan 5 to 10 minutes maximum per answer so that all students have the opportunity to get help. You can decide if you just want to hear your questions answered or stay longer - the virtual classroom can be left at any time. Of course, because the tutoring is available to students of all courses, questions may be discussed that are above your language course level.

Online Tutoring - frequently asked questions

What should I prepare for Online Tutoring?

Please formulate concrete questions about the desired topic before the tutoring session. On the one hand, you can ask them directly to the teacher and do not lose valuable time, and on the other hand, the teacher can better answer your question:

  • For example, write down the name of the grammar topic you are having difficulty with. Then the teacher can answer in a targeted manner.
  • If you have a question about your homework, keep the workbook open to the correct page and tell the teacher the exact details of the book, page, and assignment.
  • If you have missed a lesson and need help with revision, look up the topic in the speakeasy library before the tutorial and formulate your questions about it.

Can I make up missed classes in Online Tutoring?

The teacher is available to all students, so they cannot make up a whole missed class with you. If you have specific questions about the topic covered, they will be happy to help you, but cannot explain as extensively as in group classes.

What can I do if there was not enough time to answer my question?

Of course, our teacher will try to answer all questions, but sometimes a lot of students have questions, so time is short. If that's the case, just come to the next Online Tutoring session or speak to the instructor in your regular class to ask them for help.

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