Our telc dates and prices

The most important at a glance: Our dates and prices

Below you will find a summary of our telc examination dates and prices.

There is a deadline for registration: This is the Thursday two weeks before the desired exam date. For exam dates on a Friday, this means that registration is possible up to 15 days before the exam, for exam dates on a Saturday correspondingly 16 days. Please note that the registration period ends at 1 pm on that day. After this deadline, registration is no longer possible, but of course you can simply choose a later exam date.

The easiest way to register is here, directly on our website. You are also welcome to visit us in person and register at the front desk. We wish you good luck for your telc exam!

dates of telc exams

A1, C1
B1 & B2
C1 Hoch­schule
Klicke auf die Box, um sie zu schließen Die Termine mit (+E) bieten die Möglichkeit eine Eilkorrektur zu beantragen. Dadurch verkürzt sich die Bearbeitungszeit im Normalfall von 6 auf 3 Wochen. Die Eilkorrektur kostet 70€.
14.04.2023 (Friday)
21.04.2023 (Friday)
22.04.2023 (Saturday)
28.04.2023 (Friday)
29.04.2023 (Saturday)
05.05.2023 (Friday)
12.05.2023 (Friday)
19.05.2023 (Friday)
26.05.2023 (Friday)
27.05.2023 (Saturday)
02.06.2023 (Friday)
03.06.2023 (Saturday)
09.06.2023 (Friday)
16.06.2023 (Friday)
23.06.2023 (Friday)
24.06.2023 (Saturday)
30.06.2023 (Friday)
01.07.2023 (Saturday)
07.07.2023 (Friday)
14.07.2023 (Friday)
21.07.2023 (Friday)
22.07.2023 (Saturday)
28.07.2023 (Friday)
29.07.2023 (Saturday)
11.08.2023 (Friday)
18.08.2023 (Friday)
25.08.2023 (Friday)
26.08.2023 (Saturday)
01.09.2023 (Friday)
02.09.2023 (Saturday)
08.09.2023 (Friday)
15.09.2023 (Friday)
22.09.2023 (Friday)
23.09.2023 (Saturday)
29.09.2023 (Friday)
30.09.2023 (Saturday)
06.10.2023 (Friday)
13.10.2023 (Friday)
20.10.2023 (Friday)
21.10.2023 (Saturday)
27.10.2023 (Friday)
28.10.2023 (Saturday)
03.11.2023 (Friday)
10.11.2023 (Friday)
17.11.2023 (Friday)
18.11.2023 (Saturday)
24.11.2023 (Friday)
25.11.2023 (Saturday)
01.12.2023 (Friday)
08.12.2023 (Friday)
15.12.2023 (Friday)
16.12.2023 (Saturday)
21.12.2023 (Thursday)
22.12.2023 (Friday)

exam fees

telc A1
159 €
telc B1
199 €
telc B2
199 €
telc B1/B2 Partial examination (only written or only oral part)
179 €
telc C1
219 €
telc C1 Hochschule
219 €
telc C1 Partial examination (only written or only oral part)
199 €
Click on the box to close it This fee applies if you are registering less than 31 days (until 12.00) prior to the exam date.
Click on the box to close it Only available for specific levels. In the chart, you will see the available levels and dates marked with a (+E).
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