telc C1 Hochschule - Your Exam for University Admission

The telc C1 Hochschule certificate is often a prerequisite for admission to a German university or college. So if you want to study in Germany, this is the right exam for you! With the certificate, you show that you not only have a very high command of German, but can also express yourself adequately in an academic context.

What knowledge do you need for the telc C1 Hochschule exam?

We recommend that you have successfully completed the language courses for the C1 level. Here you will learn everything you need to know for the exam. A characteristic of the C1 level is that you can express yourself comprehensively, both orally and in writing, even on complex topics. You have a broad vocabulary, a very good command of grammar and can understand implicit meanings without any problems. Demanding texts, even with scientific vocabulary, are no longer a headache for you and you can also follow longer lectures - just as you would have to do in a university lecture.

What are the advantages of telc C1 Hochschule over TestDaF and DSH?

All three examination formats are accepted by German colleges and universities. However, there are some advantages for telc C1 Hochschule:

  • Wide selection of exam dates: With speakeasy, you don't have to wait long for the next exam date for telc C1 Hochschule - which is especially convenient when university application deadlines are approaching! You can find all available dates here.
  • Fast correction: It only takes 5 - 6 weeks to get your results!
  • Written and oral exam on the same day: This saves you time and allows you to keep your exam day free with one purpose in mind.
  • Partial exam? No problem! You can also book the written and oral parts of the telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule exam separately. If you have already passed one part and are repeating the other, you can even have your partial result from the previous exam credited!
  • Recognised almost everywhere: Almost every university and college accepts the telc C1 Hochschule certificate.

How should you prepare?

For language preparation, we recommend our C1 language courses. It doesn't matter whether you choose our German Intensive Courses, German Super-Intensive Courses or German Evening Courses. You can prepare with our language courses both online and in person. We also offer an online preparation course that you can work through before your exam. Here you will also learn about the format of the exam and sample tasks. If you prefer individual preparation, we will also support you with our one-to-one lessons!

How can you register for the telc C1 Hochschule exam?

We make it as easy as possible for you to register for the exam: It's easy to do right here on our website! Alternatively, you can also come to our office and register on site. You can find all exam dates here.

The structure of the telc C1 Hochschule exam

Your telc C1 Hochschule exam has two parts: the written exam and the oral exam. In your written exam, you start with reading comprehension tasks and language modules, which are vocabulary and grammar tasks. After that you have a break of 20 minutes, followed by listening comprehension and written expression. For the written expression you have to write your own text.

For the oral exam you have 20 minutes preparation time. Here you will be given a choice of topics for your presentation, you can think about arguments and structure your presentation.

Written Exam
Reading comprehension and language modules
Listening comprehension
Written expression
Oral Exam
Usually a group exam with one or two other people
16 - 24
  • 1
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