How to apply for your language visa

Language Visa
Language Visa

Leaving your home country to travel to another country is a big step and an exciting event. To make this dream come true, we recommend thorough preparation.

By booking a visa course with us, you automatically get access to our convenient support package for your visa application!

You can also get more useful information on visa application and moving to Germany in advance, for example, from Welcome Hub Germany.

We offer the following services:

Quick issuing of an official enrollment confirmation
Once we receive the registration confirmation fee, we will send you a confirmation letter within three business days
Free assistance with important parts of your visa application
Learn valuable tips on how to fill out your visa application
Additional visa requirements
We are happy to assist in obtaining health insurance, opening a blocked account, and much more!
Assistance with relocation
We provide you with support in finding an apartment

There are many different types of visas for coming to Germany. In the following, we present three of them, which allow you to learn the German language or prepare for your studies in Germany. Once you have learned about the different types of visas, you can select your nationality in the drop-down menu below. In this section we explain how to apply for your visa in order to meet the requirements of your home country.

Select your nationality from the list and learn more about the next steps for your visa application!

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