Which level is right for you?

If you want to learn German for the first time - congratulations on this fabulous decision, by the way! - then start with level A1.1, where we assume no previous knowledge and start with the basics.

Or maybe you've already learnt German before and are now unsure of where to pick up from? No problem! Our placement test is the perfect solution. With the use of multiple-choice questions, we check which grammar and vocabulary topics you still remember. Depending on how good your German is, the test can take up to 30 minutes. So take your time - the more accurately you can answer the questions, the better our recommendation will be at the end of the test! Once you have completed all the questions, we will give you our assessment of your current level and which course would suit you best. You can also take a look at our course content overview to see which exciting topics await you.

If you feel after the test that the recommended level is too high or too low, feel free to contact us! Together we will find the course that suits you.

Let's begin
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