The speakeasy German Learning App

From A1 to C1 - A fun, exciting way to learn German, no matter your level!

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Unique features

Tons of lessons and exercises to learn and practice German

Material for every level A1.1 to C1.2

Detailed lesson descriptions to make learning easy

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How The App Works

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1. Choose your language level.

There are lesson options for every level from the very beginner A1.1 to the academically fluent C1.2 – No matter where you are in your German journey, you’re sure to find something to learn!

2. Select the lesson you want to learn or refresh.

There are dozens of lessons for every single level and more are being added all the time. Be sure to check back regularly!

3. Read the lesson explanation to learn or re-learn the topic.

Every lesson includes a detailed lesson explanation describing how and why the grammar works the way that it does. Whether you‘ve never learned this lesson before or if you just need a refresher, the speakeasy German Learning App has got you covered!

4. Pratice!

Complete the exercises and level up your German!

Learning German can truely be that easy!

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The speakeasy German Learning App in action

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Level up your German!

Download the speakeasy German Learning App and start improving your German now!

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