Get a language visa with speakeasy Munich!

A language visa is a great option if you want to improve your language skills in Germany or prepare yourself for studying in Germany. We not only have the right language course, but our teams at our language schools in Munich, Berlin and Hamburg also have the expertise to support you with your visa application!

When do you need a visa?

First of all, you should check whether you need a visa to come to Germany in the first place. The answer is quite simple - all citizens from EU or EEA countries can come to Germany without a visa. If you come from Spain, Italy or Iceland, for example, you can start packing your bags immediately and be on your way! There are also some countries for which there is a simplified visa procedure - if you come from Australia, Japan, South Korea, Israel, Brazil, the USA or Canada, you can apply for your language visa directly in Germany. If you come from another country that does not belong to any of the aforementioned categories, you must apply for a visa before coming to Germany. This means that you must apply for a visa at the German embassy in your home country.

Which language visa is right for you?

There are different types of language visas. Before you submit your visa application, you should consider which language visa you would like to apply for - the general language visa allows you to come to Germany for a specific period of time to continue learning German. The purpose of this visa is therefore explicitly language learning. An important part of your visa application is therefore the confirmation of a binding registration for a language course. You can get this confirmation of enrolment from us! Please note that we charge a fee for this; you can find more information about this in our price list.

If you are planning to study in Germany and want to prepare for this, the study preparation visa is the right choice for you. The application process for this visa is more extensive than for the general language visa, as you already have to submit an acceptance certificate from a German university to the embassy, for example.

We will be happy to help you decide which type of visa suits you best.

What can speakeasy do for you?

Depending on the country, the German embassy will need different documents from you when you apply for a visa. To prepare for your visa application, we therefore advise you to contact the German embassy in your home country directly to find out which documents and proofs you need to submit.

However, some documents are always required:

  • Proof of enrolment in a German course for the entire duration of the language visa with at least 18 teaching units per week.
  • Proof of financial resources for the entire duration of the language visa.
  • Proof of health insurance for the full duration of the language visa.

Our Super-Intensive Courses meet the Embassy's requirement: with the combination of Intensive Course and Conversation Course you will not only have 18 teaching units per week, but you will also make rapid progress in learning German! After you have successfully enrolled for a Super-Intensive Course, we will also be happy to prepare your confirmation of enrolment, which you will need for your visa application or to present to the Foreigners’ Office in Germany.

In our price list you will find the prices for our Super-Intensive Courses as well as for the confirmation of enrolment for your visa course.

What happens if your visa is delayed or refused?

It can happen that the processing of a visa application at the embassy takes longer than expected. Therefore, please plan for the processing time. If it still takes longer and you cannot start your German course with us as planned, please inform us at least ten days before the start of the course - then we can easily postpone your course to a later month. If your visa application is rejected by the embassy, we can refund 70% of the course fees. For this we need the rejection letter from the embassy as proof. You can find more information about this in our Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions about our visa courses, please do not hesitate to contact us! Read more about how we can support you with your visa application here.

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